Tiger, convinced he is one of the most handsome dudes, constantly grooms to insure a hair is not out of place. Having long hair requires a lot of groom time and that can be exhausting. Exhaustion requires nap time and one can only nap on a full belly. Tiger was born in June 2005. He was a one owner kitty and was totally committed to her.  She had fallen and broken a hip and could not get to the telephone. He laid by her side until she was found. A year later his companion was diagnosed with a terminal disease. and could no longer care for him. 

He was adopted in 2008 but was returned to us a few months later as he could not adjust to his new home. It took Tiger time to readjust to his home here and because change is so hard for him, we have determined it is best to let him stay. He is happy here at Heartland Cats and does well with visitors. Should you choose to sponsor Tiger, he would be open to you have you visit him.