We are currently at capacity and cannot accept cats at this time. Since we cater to the older cats it often takes a long time before we have openings. As a result, we do not maintain a "call list" as by the time we have availability the owner has usually found other options. Unfortunately, we have many cats that are currently being treated for illness or injury and we are so full we cannot make exceptions. We appreciate your understanding. 

Thank You.

It is the position of heartland Cats that adoptions should be forever. We feel one should not adopt an animal without thinking it through over the long term. These are living breathing creatures that provide unconditional love that should be equally returned by their guardian. Pets are not property and certainly not disposable property. They are a family member.

Cats can live 20 years and beyond and this should be taken into consideration at the time of adoption. If one is looking for a pet with a short lifespan, it is not a cat. One needs to consider the future and ask all the right questions before taking in a pet. With that said, we get daily calls from people wanting to relinquish their cat, found a cat, or knows someone who needs to re-home their cat. We are not a big enough facility nor do we have the funds to take in all the cats that are unknowingly looking for a new home. Therefore, Heartland Cats has had to set the criteria from which we will accept surrenders..

It is our policy that all the programs we offer benefit are a benefit to the community. Our surrender program is no different. While we understand special circumstances come about, we do not accept cats from people who are moving, have allergies, added another pet into the household, or for other situations where alternatives, other than relinquishing, are available.

We generally do not accept kittens unless they qualify for one of our programs such as rehabilitation or hospice care. Usually, these animals are accepted from veterinary clinics/hospitals.

We do accept cats from owners entering hospice care or the next level of healthcare where they can no longer have their companion with them. It is our intent to provide peace of mind for those unable to care for their companion by insuring their friend will be safe and cared for for the remainder of its natural life.

Due to the age and illness associated with many under our care, we do not accept cats that are not up-to-date on their vaccinations or have not had a wellness check within the past 10 months. We must have the appropriate records in hand prior to the cat coming to our facility. The only exception is an abused or injured animal that cannot be vaccinated due to their health. Again, these cats are normally accepted from local veterinarians.

We appreciate your understanding, and, if you are looking to surrender your cat and it does not fit our criteria, we recommend you check the internet for rescues and shelters in Eastern NE and Western IA to get a listing from which to work.

We Only Accept Cats Within The Following Criteria: 

1) Cats  from owners entering hospice care

2) Cats  from owners entering level of health care where they can no longer have their companion

3) Cats/kitten from Veterinary Clinics where the animal has been abused or inured and/or needs rehabilitation.

4) All cats entering our facility must be up-to-date on their vaccinations or have a valid exception from the veternarian.