Thinking of Adopting?


Consider the Following

Are you ready to make a long-term commitment?

Your cat may live up to 20 years and will bond deeply with you and your family. Considering one’s life has many changes, are you committed to making a cat a permanent part of your life?

Can you spend quality time with your cat?

Cats are healthiest and happiest when they can live indoors with humans. Left on their own outdoors, they will be subject to dangers from other animals and people.

Can you financially support your cat short and long term?

Before you adopt, check your budget. Owning and caring for a cat costs more than the initial adoption fee and include such costs as:

One Time Costs

  • Kitten shots - Kittens will require at least a couple of sets of shots until its immune system is fully developed. Once it matures it will need only go to the vet once a year for a booster (barring any unforeseen medical conditions, of course).
  • Litter box and scoop
  • Food and water bowls
  • Carrier – When purchasing a carrier consider the size for an adult.
  • Brush/comb and nail clippers
  • Spay/Neuter Surgery - There are simply not enough homes for all of our homeless pets. Keep the pet population down by spaying or neutering your pet.
  • Permanent Identification – Consider having your pet microchipped in case they get lost. Microchipping is a quick and painless process done by injection.
  • Cat Bed –

Recurring Costs

  • Food and treats 
  • Litter
  • Toys
  • Annual Veterinarian Visit
  • Annual Licensing - 
  • Unforeseen medical costs including dental expenses
  • Boarding – You may have family or friends available to assist or you may need boarding services.
  • Grooming – you may do this yourself or choose to take the cat to a groomer.

It is not our intention to discourage adoption but to insure a loving and long-term relationship between guardian and cat.  When adopting a companion, make it a lifelong commitment.

When adopting a companion make it a lifelong commitment.


Do not surprise a friend by giving them a fury companion.  

Do offer to take them to a shelter and pick up the cost of the adoption fee if they would like to select a companion of choice.